Want to Know Exactly When Your Favorite Food Trucks Will Be Near You?

One of the reasons we made Gulf Coast Food Trucks is because it can be difficult to know when your favorite food trucks are nearby. To find out where they plan to be on a given day, you usually have to track them down on Facebook or Twitter, scroll through their latest posts to see where they posted their weekly schedule, and read a paragraph of text with their location and operating hours. Even then, you may not know where that location is, and you have to Google it.

We wanted to make that process easier. Because when food truck fans can find food trucks easier, and food truck owners can focus on running their business, everybody wins.

One of the coolest features of Gulf Coast Food Trucks is Fan Alerts. You can receive emails sent directly to you each morning your favorite food trucks will be close to you. It’s never been easier to find them!

How to Set Up Fan Alerts

  1. Create a Truck Fan account here.
  2. Go to your Dashboard, which can be found by clicking on your name on the top-right of the page.
  3. Under “Alerts”, choose the food trucks from which you would like to receive alerts.
  4. Set your location. This can be your home or work or any location you would like. Of course, it would need to be near the Gulf Coast.
  5. Switch the “Receive Email Alerts?” field to “Yes”.
  6. Choose the days of the week you would like to receive alerts, and set a radius for the food trucks.

Now What?

Once you’ve done that, you’ll start to receive emails on the days you specified. Generally, emails are sent out between 9 and 10 am CST, which should give plenty of time for you to determine your lunch plans.

If, at any time, you would like to stop receiving emails, simply log back into your account, go to your Dashboard, and switch “Receive Email Alerts?” back to “No”.