You love food trucks, but it’s not always easy to know where your favorite food trucks are going to be. That’s where Gulf Coast Food Trucks can help.

You already know that we have a great map that shows the locations of food trucks in the area, and you can find their weekly schedules. You can even search through the menus of all of your favorite food trucks for exactly what you’re craving. But did you know that there’s more? Here are 3 reasons to sign up with Gulf Coast Food Trucks.

#1. Summon Your Favorite Food Trucks

You can let your favorite food trucks know where you are. Your location can be shared with different food trucks, and if enough people in your area do the same, the food truck may decide to come to your area. Of course, this feature is anonymous and opt-in, so no need to worry about privacy.

#2. Get Daily Alerts

You can sign up to receive email alerts when your favorite food trucks are near you. Select your food trucks, set an alert radius, select which days you’d like to be notified, and you’ll get an alert in your inbox well before lunchtime.

#3. Catering Requests

Some food trucks are available for private events. If your favorite food truck accepts catering (and you’re signed in), a catering request form will appear on their page. Simply fill out the form will all of the details for your event, and they may agree to cater your event. You can even select multiple food trucks on a single form, and they will all receive the details.